About Me

Phil with daughter, Jasmine in Calexico, CA

My name is Phil Martinez and I love baseball. Love is a bit of an understatement. This game shaped me from an early age and while I never made it to the Major Leagues, I knew the sport would stay with me forever. Once I became a father and my kids were old enough to start playing sports, I took an active role in being their coach. In fact, I later became a coach for their Little League team in Calexico, California.

I created this site to bring more people into contact with helpful resources for their kids and baseball. I see so much potential in the children I work with and know with the correct equipment, techniques and lots of positive reinforcement, many of them could go on to be the next baseball legend. If you’re in the area and would like to inquire about getting your child on my team for next season, or if you simple have questions in regards to the information I have on this site, you can email me directly at BaseballPhil@technologist.com. I hope you’ve found my website helpful and I look forward to speaking with you.